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Presiding Minister of Council: Uri Brito

View a complete list of all CREC Moderators and Presiding Ministers, 1998–present (PDF).

The CREC presently has over one hundred churches and parishes spread across North America, Europe, Asia and South America. (We also include some churches whose locations we cannot disclose due to government interference.)

You may find a church by using the search box below. The map below the box should help you with broader geographical context. Additional information regarding each presbytery follows further down the page.

Note: If you are interested in being involved in the founding of a CREC work in your community, please check out our Plant a Church page to see if there are existing contacts in your area. If you would like to be added to that list, please contact us.

Find a Church

Search by country, state/province, city, or presbytery.

Keep in mind these limitations regarding the Google map:

  • This map contains only address information with no further details.
  • Some churches (particularly outside North America) have no specific public address available.
  • In case of disagreement between the Google map and our database (church search boxes and listings), the database should be considered more up-to-date.
  • Once you locate a church on the Google map, it is recommended you find that church via our search feature to obtain further details.


A note about the Geography information: Presbytery boundaries do not precisely follow state or national lines; in some instances, more than one presbytery may have churches in the same state.

Please view this document for additional details in connection with the presiding ministers of the CREC.

Anselm Presbytery

Presiding Minister: John Stoos

Geography: Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia [Canada], Philippines

Presbytery Web Site:

Athanasius Presbytery

Presiding Minister: Joe Thacker

Geography: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Brazil.

Presbytery Web Site:

Augustine Presbytery

Presiding Minister: Laurence Windham

Geography: Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Presbytery Web Site:

Bucer Presbytery

Presiding Minister: Harold Guptill

Geography: USA northeast, eastern Canada

Presbytery Web Site:

Calvin Presbytery

Note: Calvin Presbytery has been enfolded into Anselm Presbytery as of November 2017.

Hus Presbytery

Presiding Minister: Bogomil Jarmulak

Geography: Eastern Europe, Japan

Presbytery Web Site:

Knox Presbytery

Presiding Minister: Gene Helsel

Geography: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alberta, British Columbia [Canada]

Presbytery Web Site:

Tyndale Presbytery

Presiding Minister: Bill Smith

Geography: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Russia

Presbytery Web Site:

Wycliffe Presbytery

Presiding Minister: Randy Booth

Presiding Minister Pro Tem: Rob Hadding

Geography: Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Russia

Presbytery Web Site: