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Kuyper Presbytery

This is the official mini-site for Kuyper Presbytery of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC). The churches of Kuyper Presbytery are located in the states of Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Colorado.

Presiding Minister of Kuyper Presbytery (serving a three year term):

Joshua Appel

Kuyper Presbytery Churches

Christ Covenant Reformed Church


Billings, Montana USA

Worshiping at: Billings Christian School Chapel, 1515 S. Shiloh Rd, Billings, MT

Mail: P.O. Box 568, Billings, MT 59103

Phone: (619) 992-6899

Pastor: Tedd Sutton

Web Site:

Redeemer Community Church


Centennial, Colorado USA

Church Address: 6495 S. Colorado Blvd. Centennial, Colorado 80121

Phone: (737) 248-0211


Pastor: Jefff Rodland

Web Site:

Trinity Church Denver


Denver, Colorado USA

Church Address: 1340 Sherman St. Denver, CO 80203


Pastor: Brian Brown

Web Site:

Christ Covenant Church


Enterprise, Oregon USA

Worshiping at: 723 College Street, Lostine, OR (Lostine School House)

Mail: 103 NE 5th St, Enterprise, OR 97828

Phone: (541) 263-0505

Pastor: Terry Tollefson

Web Site:

Emmanuel Church


Helena, Montana USA

Church Address: 1000 N. Ewing Street, Helena, MT 59601

Phone: (406) 594-1577


Pastor: Jonah Barnes

Web Site:

Valley Covenant Church


Lewiston, Idaho USA

Worshiping at: 1034 Main St. Lewiston, ID

Phone: (208) 816-1340

Web Site:

The King’s Congregation


Meridian, Idaho USA

Worshiping at: The Ambrose School, 6100 N Locust Grove Rd, Meridian, ID 83646

Mail: 1150 E Pienza St., Meridian, Idaho 83642

Phone: (208) 991-3387

Pastor: Alan Burrow

Web Site:

Christ Church Missoula


Missoula, Montana USA

Worshiping at: Convergence Ministries, 3020 South Avenue West, Missoula

Mail: P.O. Box 18252, Missoula, MT 59808


Pastor: Flynn Ayers | (503) 853-9320

Web Site:

Trinity Reformed Church


Moscow, Idaho USA

Church Address: 101 E. Palouse River Drive, Moscow, ID 83843

Mail: P.O. Box 9029, Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: (208) 882-2300


Pastor: Joshua Appel

Web Site:

Christ Church

Mission church of Christ Covenant Church, Enterprise, OR

Tri-cities, Washington USA